About Us

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About Us

We believe that everyone who creates data of any kind should control and benefit from the distribution and monetisation of that data.

We believe that a collaboration of creative visionaries can develop a sustainable, equitable digital economy that can benefit everyone more equitably not just those who aggregate that data.

We believe that it is very difficult to compete with piracy and "free" platforms that engage people with the lure of creative content so as to advertise to them! But by combining professors from Universities with CEO's and creators of all kinds we can invent new technologies that allow everyone to benefit from their creations, and for everything to be freely available though not necessarily free!

We believe these new technologies can provide a moral framework for all legitimate businesses to thrive on the internet, whilst providing excellent value for money to consumers in a free market.

ARTS - Accountable, Responsible, Transparent and Security.

We believe that the internet of things will provide a similar challenge for the distribution and monetization of physical goods too. We aim to benefit legitimate businesses and prevent piracy and the illegal distribution of counterfeit goods whilst preserving our civil liberties and our freedoms of speech and movement.

ProTechU - The Digital DNA Genome Project Mission Statement:

- We believe it is everyone's right to fairly profit from their labours without fear of their products being stolen or distributed either illegally or below their true free market value.

- We believe we must serve and protect all legitimate businesses.

- We believe we must create awareness about the value of copyright.

- We believe that laws must be passed and upheld to safeguard authors rights and copyrights.

- We believe that by creating a revolutionary new system within the Internet for licensing and distributing all forms of data - from entertainment to our medical records - we can develop a standard protocol that is secure and robust, providing a foundation for all businesses to operate with Accountability, Responsibility,Transparency and Security (ARTS) across the entire world, thereby creating a moral framework for a sustainable digital ecosystem.

If you believe this too, please join us to make the dream a reality...

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A charity dedicated to creating a climate in which the arts and humanities may flourish.
Our mission is to nurture and sustain intellectual property.

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